H11A1 Transistor Detector 6 Pin, Single

//H11A1 Transistor Detector 6 Pin, Single

H11A1 Transistor Detector 6 Pin, Single

Optically Coupled Isolator Phototransistor Output

6 Pin Standard 6 Pin G-Form 6 Pin Surface Mount


Data Sheet
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Attribute Test Condition Value
Current Transfer Ratio Min(%) If = 10mA Vce = 10V 50
Isolation Test Voltage (KV) 1 minute 5000
Continuous Forward Current Max(mA)   50
VBR Min(V) Ir = 10uA 6
ICEO (Dark) Max(nA) Vce = 10V 50
VCE(SAT) Max(V) If = 10mA, Ic = 0.5mA 0.4
BVceo Min ( V ) Ic = 1mA 30


Safety Approvals: UL, VDE, NEMKO,
UL Package Code ” GG ” File Number E91231
To obtain product with VDE safety approval add “X” after the basic part number e.g. IS201X
For any special selections please contact your local representative

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