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Contacting Isocom

For additional information or technical assistance,
please contact us at one of the following:

Isocom Components / Head Office

Unit 25B Park View Road West
Park View Industrial Estate
TS25 1PE
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1429 863 609
+44 (0)1429 863 581

Isocom Components / Asia

Block A 8/F
Wah Hing Industrial Mansion
36 Tai Yau Street
San Po Kong
Hong Kong
China: +86-13510863724
Hong Kong: +852-90692531
Canada: +1-647-719-1178

Isocom Components / North America

Isocom Components North America
Tel: +44 1934 525 634
Fax: +44 1429 863 581

Isocom Components / China

Isocom Components China
Edward Cai
China: +86-13510863724
Hong Kong: +852-90692531
Canada: +1-647-719-1178

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