12 September 2013

To our customers,

Isocom Components are pleased to announce that we are in full production for the following parts.

If you require a data sheet please let us know.


Our part numbers Competitiors part numbers
6N135SMT/R Available now 6N135xxx
6N136SMT/R Available now 6N136xxx
6N137SMT/R Available now 6N137xxx
6N138SMT/R Available now 6N138xxx
6N139SMT/R Available now 6N139xxx
ICPL2601SMT/R Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL2530 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL2531 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL2601 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL2630 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL2631 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL4502 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL4503 Available now HCPLxxx
ICPL0452SMT/R (End of October) HCPLxxx
ICPL0453SMT/R (End of October) HCPLxxx
ICPL0500SMT/R (End of October) HCPLxxx
ICPL0501SMT/R (End of October) HCPLxxx
ICPL0601SMT/R (End of October) HCPLxxx


Also coming within the next 4 weeks, our range of Mini Flat Triac series (Zero Crossing)

MF3030, MF3031, MF3032, MO3033, MF3040, MF3041, MF3042, MF3043, MF3060, MF3061, MF3062, MF3063, MF3080, MF3081, MF3082, MF3083.