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Optocouplers Information

Product Line

ISOCOM offers a complete and comprehensive line of Optocouplers suitable for all commercial applications.

Products include:

  • Transistors (Singles, Duals, & Quads)
  • AC Inputs (Singles, Duals, & Quads + Single 6 Pin Devices)
  • Schmitt Triggers (Single Channel, Microprocessor Compatible)
  • Darlingtons (Singles, Duals, & Quads)
  • Triacs (Standard & Zero Crossing Devices)
  • Low Power Couplers (Single, Dual, & Quad – Transistor & Darlington Devices)


  • CTR Range
    10% to 600% for Transistor Detectors
    1000% min for Darlington Detectors
  • Isolation Voltage
  • Collector to Emitter Voltage Range
    30v to 400v
  • Peak Triac Blocking Voltage up to 800v


  • UL, BSI, VDE, Nemko, EN60950 Safety Approved Devices
  • 10mm Lead Spread (G-Form)
  • SMT Lead Configuration (Gull Wing) for DIP Packages
  • 8 Pin, Single SOIC Transistor Devices
  • Tape & Reel

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