AC Input Phototransistor Optically Coupled Isolators

6 Pin Standard 6 Pin G-Form 6 Pin Surface Mount


Data Sheet
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Attribute Test Condition Value
Current Transfer Ratio Min(%) If = 10mA, Vce = 10V 20% Min
Isolation Test Voltage (KV) 7.5(pk), 5.3(rms)
Continuous Forward Current Max(mA) 50
VBR Min(V) Ir = 10uA 5
ICEO (Dark) Max(nA) Vce = 10V 100
VCE(SAT) Max(V) If = 10mA, Ic = 0.5mA 0.4

Safety Approvals: UL, VDE, NEMKO,
UL Package Code ” GG ” File Number E91231
To obtain product with VDE safety approval add “X” after the basic part number e.g. IS201X
For any special selections please contact your local representative
Package Type DIL ( Available in wide lead pitch 10.16mm and SMD )
Maximum Reflow Temperature 260’C
MSL Rating 1
Standard Plating Finish Matte Tin